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Turkey's Tools in the Heartland (2018)
[Shot by Peter Musurlian in Tennessee, Indiana, and Ohio]

The number of Members of Congress, who downplay the Armenian Genocide and embrace the denialist message of the government of Turkey, is on the rise. Peter Musurlian directly and aggressively confronts three such outspoken elected officials: Ohio Republican Jean Schmidt, Tennessee Democrat Steve Cohen, and Indiana Republican Dan Burton.

While shooting this documentary, Musurlian captured hours of exclusive video of attorney Mark Geragos, at a hearing before the Ohio Elections Commission, in which Cincinnati Congresswoman Jean Schmidt took exception with the term "blood money" to describe thousands of dollars of campaign contributions she received from Turkish-Americans.

Additionally, Musurlian was physically thrown out of a Memphis press conference by Congressman Steve Cohen, all of it caught on tape and later seen on the local news and across the United States on the Fox News Channel.

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