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American Film Institute (www.afi.com)

American University School of Communication (www.soc.american.edu)

Armenian Calendar (www.armeniancalendar.com)

British Broadcasting Corporation (news.bbc.co.uk)

Center for Independent Documentary (www.documentaries.org)

Center for Strategic and International Studies (www.csis.org)

City of Kaposvar, Hungary (www.kaposvar.hu)

Council on Foreign Relations (www.cfr.org)

Digital Journalist (www.digitaljournalist.org)

Directors Guild of America (www.dga.org)

Doculink Documentary Community (www.doculink.org)

English School of International Relations Theory (www.leeds.ac.uk/polis/englishschool)

Frontline World (www.pbs.org/frontlineworld)

Independent Feature Project (www.IFP.org)

International Documentary Association (www.documentary.org)

International Reporting Project (www.journalismfellowships.org)

Los Angeles Area Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (www.emmys.org)

Los Angeles World Affairs Council (www.lawac.org)

Radio & Television News Association of Southern California (www.rtna.org)

States of California & Nevada Chapter of NATOA (www.scannatoa.org)

USC Annenberg School for Communication (ascweb.usc.edu)

USC School for International Relations (www.usc.edu/dept/LAS/ir)

Women in International Security (wiis.georgetown.edu)

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