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PRO BONO "Work undertaken for the public good, without charge."

Since 2008, as part of its ProBonoHye Volunteer InitiativeGlobalist Films has produced more than two videos per year, for non-profit organizations and educational institutions.
Below is a sampling:

Congressman Berman meets with Armenian Community

Serj Tankian Protests Sony

Sierra Club hikes with Paul Krekorian

Flea's Plea for Silverlake Music Conservatory

Serbian Missions

2015 Vote PSA - Burbank ANCA

Food InSecurity

John Krikorian Tribute

"Saving Strokes" Huntington Hospital (Pasadena)

Krikor Satamian 50th Anniversary Reel

Burbank ANC 2008 Banquet Video

2011 AGBU MDS Open-House Video

2012 AGBU MDS Open-House Video

2013 AGBU MDS Open-House Video

35th Anniversary Video - AGBU MDS

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