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Coast-to-Coast Solo Speed Record

The 100-Year-Old Survivor (Completed in 2015)
[Winner of a 2015 RTNA Golden Mike for "Best Video Editing of a Feature Special"]
[3rd Place, 2016 L.A. Press Club Award for Best Documentary]

In May 2007, Ghazaros Kademian turned 100, and was on a mission, from community events to city halls to political demonstrations, trying to get his adopted country of America to officially recognize as "genocide," what he had survived as an orphaned boy. It was a tall order, as presidents from Bush to Clinton to Bush had issued annual statements lamenting the World War One-era killings as "massacres," but not "genocide."... (read more / see video)

Holocaust Soliloquy

Hollywood Park Remembered (Will be completed in 2019)

The real estate that was home to horses for 75 years, will soon be populated by rams, as a new sports tradition arrives in Inglewood. But on December 23, 2013 the last race at Hollywood Park was run and Peter Musurlian filmed the action trackside.

It was a race track that attracted celebrities and everyday racing fans, to watch the likes of Seabiscuit, Citation, Seattle Slew, Affirmed, Zenyatta, and the first Breeders' Cup in 1984.

This documentary captures the history of Hollywood Park, as you see the last hours unfold and watch exclusive video of parts of the park auctioned off.

African Sister City

Historic Armenia (Completed in 2015)
[Nominated for a 2015 Los Angeles Press Club Award for "Best Feature Documentary"]

In the Summer of 2013, Los Angeles Area Emmy-award winning journalist Peter Musurlian, travelled to what is now Eastern Turkey, along with 25 other Armenian-Americans, including an 81-year-old professor of Armenian History from UCLA, and a retired Los Angeles aerospace engineer, who, during nearly 80 trips, has taken more than 1,200 tourists to "Historic Armenia" over the past quarter of a century... (read more / see video)

Holocaust Soliloquy (Completed in 2016)
[Shot in California, Nebraska, Arizona, New Jersey, Hungary, and Poland]

Peter Fischl was a young boy when Hungarian Jews were being rounded up and killed during World War II. Unlike his father, and millions of others, Fischl survived. He lived in the United States for decades, when he saw a picture, in an old edition of Life Magazine, taken of a young boy in the Warsaw Ghetto in 1943... (read more)

Seeing Beyond Borders

Genocide March Revisited (Will be completed in 2018)

In 2014, for four days, dozens of Armenian-American Hikers walked 100 kilometers (about 62 miles) through the Angeles National Forest and Los Angeles basin, in memory of the victims of the Armenian Genocide, which began 100 years earlier: April 24, 1915... (read more)

African Sister City

Burbank's African Sister City (Completed in 2012)
[Winner of a 2012 Los Angeles Area Emmy]

Peter Musurlian was a one-man crew -- on a shoe-string budget -- for this Emmy-winning 33-minute documentary on Gaborone, Botswana, the capital of that Southern African country and a Sister City to Burbank, California since 1975... (read more / see video)

Holocaust Soliloquy

Saving the Wild: The Caucasus Nature Fund (Completed in 2011)
[Nominated for a 2012 Los Angeles Area Emmy, Information Segment category]

This collaborative effort, which first ran on THE BURBANK CHANNEL, was mostly shot & written by Los Angeles Area Emmy Award-winning journalist Peter Musurlian, who also narrated & edited this 11-minute video for the Paris-based non-profit organization, the Caucasus Nature Fund.

Globalist Films undertook the project as part of the company's ProBonoHye Volunteer Initiative. Original video was shot in the countries of Georgia and Armenia in June 2011. For complete credits, watch the last two minutes... (see video)

Seeing Beyond Borders

Seeing Beyond Borders (Completed in 2010)
(Shot by Peter Musurlian in California and Mexico)
[Winner of a 2010 RTNA Golden Mike]
[Nominated for a 2010 Los Angeles Area Emmy]

Throughout the world, Lions clubs focus on the blind and visually impaired, a mission inspired by Helen Keller. Seeing Beyond Borders follows Lions volunteers to San Juanito, Mexico, to see the process that brings the world, for so many grateful people, back into focus... (read more / see video)

Man's Inhumanity to Man (Completed in 2011)
[Winner of two 2011 RTNA Golden Mikes in the videography and editing categories.]

This 16-minute documentary debuted on The Burbank Channel on Holocaust Remembrance Day, April 19, 2011. It was shot, written, and edited by Peter Musurlian and narrated by seven-year-old June Petra Musurlian, who visited with and interviewed Hungarian Holocaust survivor, Peter L. Fischl... (read more / see video)

African Sister City

Nagorno Karabakh, Artsakh: The Struggle for Freedom (Completed in 2008)
[Winner of a 2008 RTNA Golden Mike for Best Documentary]

Edited & Narrated by Los Angeles Area Emmy Award-winning journalist Peter Musurlian. Produced & Written by Vardan Barseghian, Peter Musurlian and Joan Ablet. Music by Antranig Kzirian (on the Oud) and Stepan Partamian's Garni Records, supplying everything else.... (read more / see video)

The Long Journey from the NFL to Armenia (Completed in 2006)
(Shot by Peter Musurlian in California, Tennessee, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, the Netherlands, Armenia, and Nagorno-Karabagh)

In March 2006, Rien Long was a 24-year-old, 6’6”, 300-pound Defensive Lineman, who had just completed his third season with the Tennessee Titans. He was drafted by the Nashville-based NFL team following a stellar career as a Washington State Cougar. In this one-hour journey, Long, his mother and his grandmother, take a first-ever trip to their ancestral homeland of Armenia. This film takes viewers along on the trip to experience people and places never before seen on American television... (read more / see video)

Joe McForty (Completed in 2008)
[Internet exclusive]

This two-person effort was shot & edited by Peter Musurlian. His producing partner, Joe McDougall, takes viewers on a witty, historical, and exhausting 62-mile journey, that starts in the San Fernando Valley. It included 44 miles on a bike, 4 miles in a rented kayak, and 14 miles on hiking trails in the Santa Monica Mountains... (read more / see video)

Unchartered Turkish Territory (Will be completed in 2018)
[Shot by Peter Musurlian in California, Utah, Indiana, and Ohio]

There are more than 140 taxpayer-funded charter schools across America, in which Turkish immigrants make up a majority of the schools' leadership and many of the instructors, who come to teach on H-1B visas. That visa was created to temporarily import foreign talent when no qualified Americans are available. That would seem not to be the case with the availability of American teachers.

Peter Musurlian investigates why such a specific group has formed these schools and, to what extent their leadership and teachers are followers of the Fethullah Gulen, a reclusive Islamic Imam, who lives in self-imposed exile in rural Pennsylvania.

Holocaust Soliloquy

Turkey's Tools in the Heartland (Will be completed in 2018)
[Shot by Peter Musurlian in Tennessee, Indiana, and Ohio]

The number of Members of Congress, who downplay the Armenian Genocide and embrace the denialist message of the government of Turkey, is on the rise. Peter Musurlian directly and aggressively confronts three such outspoken elected officials: Ohio Republican Jean Schmidt, Tennessee Democrat Steve Cohen, and Indiana Republican Dan Burton... (read more)

Coast-to-Coast Solo Speed Record (15th Anniversary Update in 2020)
[Shot by Peter Musurlian in New York, South Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California]

At one second after midnight on February 6, 2005 (Super Bowl Sunday) Peter Musurlian set out from 16th Avenue & 1st Street in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, to break the world record for driving a car ocean-to-ocean, Atlantic-to-Pacific. And, unlike other similar efforts, Musurlian would do it solo, as two video cameras captured the entire adventure on tape.This is the story of that effort, as well as a look at similar records that came before 2005 and those that have been set, since. The documentary is part speed record, part reflection on America. The journey starts in Jacksonville, the site of the 2005 Super Bowl, and ends in San Diego: A 2,400-mile all-interstate route, traversed ticket-free in an unmodified vehicle, with no radar detector.

Holocaust Soliloquy

Hungarian Hyes (Will be completed in 2018)
[Shot by Peter Musurlian in Hungary and Romania]
A look at the current Armenian Community of Hungary, as well as the history of Armenians in that Central European country, that goes back a few hundred years.