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African Sister CityBurbank's African Sister City (2012)
[Winner of a 2012 Los Angeles Area Emmy]

Peter Musurlian was a one-man crew -- on a shoe-string budget -- for this Emmy-winning 33-minute documentary on Gaborone, Botswana, the capital of that Southern African country and a Sister City to Burbank, California since 1975.

Musurlian reports on the genesis of the Gaborone-Burbank relationship; drops in on the folks at Gaborone City Hall; visits the massive golf resort & housing development called, Phakalane Estates; examines the state of the HIV/AIDS crisis, which has impacted the whole of Africa; and records the sights & sounds at the Gaborone Game Reserve...a village wedding, some 85 miles outside Gaborone...a Christmas Eve service at the Christ the King Catholic Cathedral...and a rural Christmas Day celebration in Lelotong, Botswana.

Musurlian spent eight days in Botswana, shooting more than 18 hours of videotape and conducting more than 25 interviews.


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