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Globalist Films, from almost anywhere on this increasingly shrinking planet, strives to tell stories about people.

In 2005, veteran broadcast journalist Peter Musurlian entered the world of independent film, starting pre-production on a couple of projects for Globalist Films. In June 2006, he debuted his Telly Award-winning documentary, "The Long Journey from the NFL to Armenia," which ran several times on KLCS, a venue that reaches some 16 million households in Southern California. Two other Musurlian films have played to large audiences on KLCS, which is the only PBS station headquartered in Los Angeles.

Since the inception of Globalist Films, the two-time Los Angeles Area Emmy Award-winning independent documentarian has produced nearly 20 films, half of which have shed light on underreported Armenian subjects. Those English-language films, seen on mainstream Los Angeles television stations, as well as at film festivals in California, Canada, and Washington, D.C., have made Musurlian the 21st Century's most prolific American producer of Armenian-themed documentaries, that receive consistent recognition from established American professional organizations. (See "awards")

The other half of Musurlian's documentary output is diverse and eclectic, while staying true to Globalist Films' mission to be, "The intersection of journalism and the human condition."

Musurlian has also produced some 20 videos, free of charge, as part of Globalist Films' ProBonoHye Volunteer Initiative. Nearly all of those videos are posted on YouTube and can be accessed on this website: www.globalistfilms.com.

Musurlian's documentary work [for Globalist Films] focuses on original material by gathering and overwhelmingly utilizing fresh video and interviews (shot by Musurlian), while only prudently incorporating archival footage and photographs.

"My documentaries try to capture a contemporary current of events, out in the real world, away from sedentary, air-conditioned comfort. I'm not interested in producing the video equivalent of a footnote-laden graduate-school term paper. Most people would prefer to embrace knowledge by hearing sound, seeing color in motion, and feeling emotion, not by watching something slightly better than a PowerPoint presentation."

In this age of media consolidation and ratings-influenced journalistic sensationalism, Globalist Films attempts to lucidly present its stories in an engaging and unbiased fashion, driven and reinforced by an uncompromising and fierce independence.

Musurlian does it all: produces, shoots, reports, writes, narrates, and edits his own short-form & long-form stories, videos, and documentaries. He has a bachelor's degree from the USC School of Journalism, buttressed by three master's degrees (from schools he attended in three U.S. time zones), nine months of [active duty], U.S. Army overseas television reporting, and more than 30 years of plying-his-trade in over 20 states & 17 countries.

He has garnered [since 1999] eight Los Angeles Area Emmy nominations from the Academy of Television Arts & Science in North Hollywood, as well as 22 Golden Mikes, awarded by the Radio & Television News Association of Southern California (rtna.org). He's also a five-time nominee for a Los Angeles Press Club Award. In 2016, Musurlian won a third place L.A. Press Club Award for, "The 100-Year Old Survivor," a 50-minute feature documentary on the efforts in America to recognize the Armenian Genocide, as seen, [in part] through the eyes of a centenarian.